Our Focus spears

Spreading the knowledge with a joy.


Teaching how to make good game design courses, workshops, and seminars


Be a participant of great communities to spread the happiness and knowledge through a game


We are open for partnership and make your project become reality


We have collected several achievements that proves us we have talents and hi-valueable result

Inlander Boardgame

Little words about Us

Found on October 10th, 2016 Inlander was a boardgame and digital game nerds. After attained several achievement, Inlander is growing bigger and bigger everytime. We belive we can teach the wide community, we believe we can spread the joy, we belive we can grow and take the optimal benefits of boardgame. Because we have talents that change the creative world better. We spread joy-ledge through a boardgame.

Inlander Squads

With a big dedication in the game industries, we have a powerful talents.
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Ardiawan Bagus Harisa

Tribal Leader
The Chief of the team. Was born to be a gamer, want to die as a designer.
Uploaded image

Muhammad Reza Azmi

Arts Smith
The Chief Design on the team. He can do anything, animation, manga, comic, hand-draw, clay modeling.
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Radiva Hera Oktiagi

Mechanical Wizards
The Mechanic Designer on the team. Last and BADASS!


Several achievements we have achieved.

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